Contract Admin & Design/Drafting
While our Engineering Clientele can offer more in depth design and admin services on larger projects, if you have a site you want a keen set of eyes to provide quality control/contract admin on, or a small design project, we can help with that.

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"Innovative Survey Solutions"


Construction Surveying
These surveys require all the instruments in our toolbox. From performing high accuracy concrete or pile layout, to earthworks and underground layout, we can also perform quantity, quality verification (QA/QC) and anything else the construction world throws at us.
Mobile Lidar
Mobile Lidar takes HD Laser Scanning to the next level. By integrating a HD Laser Scanner & camera system with a Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and placing it onto a vehicle, this enables our mobile lidar partners to gather billions of 3D points while driving at highway speeds. This is suitable for varying project sizes and timelines with the emphasis on mass data collection.
Engineering Surveying Surveys utilizing traditional methods such as RTK GPS, Robotic Total Stations, 
Automatic-level & Laser Levels. These can include topographic, GIS, Underground,
Surface works, monitoring and anything else that may be required by Consulting, Construction or Architecture firms.

High Definition (HD) Laser Scanning
This service can be substituted or used in conjunction with all of our other services. All sectors require more data in today's world and HD Laser Scanning delivers millions of points per setup allowing for full 3D images and point clouds that can be used for design, plant/process, as-built, quantity and GIS purposes.
Aerial Drone Surveying This type of surveying involves flying a Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drone in specific flight paths controlled via a computerized autopilot.  The drone takes photographs of the earth and the resulting photographs can be stitched together into an ortho-mosaic, which can be converted into 3-D point clouds and images similar to HD Laser Scanning but from a birds eye perspective.
Bathymetry & Side-Beam Sonar
Given the amount of Water in this province, we have offered many services for basic bathymetry and side-beam sonar for more detailed underwater views. Solutions vary based on project specifications.

Machine Control & Guidance (MC&G)

With over 13 years experience in 2D & 3D machine control covering all the major suppliers, we offer hands on training, support, installations and model building services for every type of machine. Add in our relations with all the heavy equipment dealers we want to make sure your investment works for you with no allegiance to brand names.